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A full bodied sauce with the pure taste of chilies. No other flavors have been added for those who prefer a simpler taste.



The flavor experience created is simple, too: sambal oelek is sweet, slightly tangy, a little salty, and spicy. It’s a natural sweetness, coming from the mature red chili peppers used in the creation of this paste.

What is the best brand of sambal oelek?

Huy Fong (the most popular brand of Sambal Oelek in the US) also sells chili garlic sauce. The two products are sold in similar jars both with green lids. Chili garlic sauce is slightly less spicy and has a distinct garlic flavor that will liven up your favorite recipes!

How do you eat sambal oelek?

Here are my favourite things to do with it.
  1. Grain Bowls. Add a spoon or two (depending on your heat preference) of Sambal to any grain bowl. …
  2. Salads. The ingredients in Sambal naturally pair well with raw veggies, which makes it a great. …
  3. Soups. Need a punch of flavour – add a spoon of Sambal into your soup. …
  4. Marinade. …
  5. Toast.

Why is sambal so good?

It’s chunkier than Sriracha and made with less vinegar and without sugar, giving it a bright, spicy flavor that’ll appeal to chile pepper purists. Homemade sambal is sometimes described as having a natural sweetness from the chiles. Texture-wise, sambal is closer to a crushed paste or relish than a smooth sauce.


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